With a resounding 98% of executives directly attributing a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication to failed businesses, it’s no wonder the saying “communication is key” resonates with businesses – from their internal to their external communications efforts. And they must strive to satisfy all parties involved: employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Twenty-five years ago, a communications infrastructure involved phone and fax, teleconferencing systems, word processors and document management, and of course, email. Today, a successful and secure infrastructure for your business must involve comprehensive telecommunications solutions.

When you think about what your company’s communications infrastructure should look like, it should not employ gadgetry and advanced tools simply for the sake of having them. Regardless of the industry, your communications infrastructure needs to reflect the needs and daily operations of your company, specifically, and have the capacity to be scaled accordingly.

At the same time, your company needs to assess and consider whether these regularly top-performing components of successful communications infrastructures are right for you:

  1. VoIP Services
  2. Cloud Services
  3. Fiber Optics
  4. SD-WAN

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VoIP Services

The front door, and a first impression, of your business operations is your company phone system. Enter VoIP services, or voice over IP. A communications platform that’s simple to manage and uses internet connection, VoIP gives any business the same advantages as a large corporation. Interactive voice responses answering your customers’ questions, routing calls, and even conducting video conferences raise the bar when it comes to business efficiency as well as customer experience.

VoIP technology also integrates and streamlines information for your employees. Cloud-based VoIP tech can make your phone system easily accessible from anywhere, and CRM integration can record and file information in a central database for personalized customer relations and future sales.

Cloud Services

A once vague concept, cloud technology has been an incredible development and popular option for business communication in the last decade. By providing a secure, online space for files, data, and other information to be “housed” outside of a traditional hard drive, cloud storage provides various opportunities for unified communication and real-time collaboration.

There are many custom cloud computing options for your business. Whether you prefer a public, private, or community cloud – or even a hybrid – any and all of these options give your business the benefits of data sharing, accessibility, and reliability.

Fiber Optics

If you are less familiar with fiber optics and their uses, you might be surprised to realize just how common they are in industries ranging from healthcare to broadcasting. Think about the electronic and digital bandwidth a corporate office needs to support large data transfers, mobile applications, email, and video conferencing, or a television news network needs to produce and broadcast its shows on a daily basis.

Using entirely optical technology, fiber-optic cables carry large amounts of data over long distances. In fact, fiber optics are the primary connecting agents of our computer networks, simply because they are a reliable, fast, and scalable Internet solution. For these reasons, fiber optics are the top choice of IT professionals. Plus, they are robust, remain relevant, and last considerably longer than copper wires.


In a nutshell, Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) securely connects users to applications. Using a centralized control function to direct traffic across the WAN and directly to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (iaaS) providers, SD-WAN expedites commands for new or existing infrastructures from one main access point.

Why SD-WAN? Businesses and their employees can better access the applications they are using by incorporating cloud services and SaaS in their daily operations. SD-WAN simultaneously provides bandwidth efficiency and better performance for critical applications, all while maintaining the highest security and privacy data.

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