A total of 2.87 billion people had been using smartphones and other mobile devices daily in 2020. That represents almost two-thirds of all internet users. According to estimates, there are more smartphone users than toothbrush owners in the world. When viewed in this way, if your business isn’t taking advantage of digital mobility efforts, users and potential leads are likely to utilize a business that is more mobile friendly than yours.

A company’s access to their own private information, and the security of those assets can either make or break its modernized success and productivity. With a lot at stake, from productivity, revenue, ease of access down to customer loyalty and brand image, ensuring your business not only provides customers with a seamless, informational mobile experience, but that your digital assets remain safe can be difficult on your own.

Here at 561 Communications, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about digital mobility for your business.

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of mobility solutions:

  1. More Efficient Data Collection
  2. Reduce Operational Costs
  3. Improve Collaborative Efforts
  4. Increase Cyber Security
  5. Increase Productivity

More Efficient Data Collection

When it comes to digital mobility for your business, improving generic, time consuming tasks can be mitigated. As modern business models now rely on data to accelerate growth and promote customer retention, mobility solutions allow you to effectively collect essential data through various touch points with integrated mobile applications.

With such integrated systems, your business can collect and retain data in a much more efficient manner. Moreover, digital mobility offers businesses a platform for managing large amounts of data that can help you better provide service to customers. With this content readily available to your employees, you can make data-driven business decisions that play a critical role in promoting performance and productivity.

Reduce Operational Costs

Similarly, with digital mobility integrations, your business can reduce operational costs associated with outdated processes. As most businesses allocate huge budgets on company infrastructure, including regular maintenance, mobility can offer a lot of respite in these areas.

For example, with digital mobility improvements, your employees can work from home with the same private access all while reducing infrastructure costs drastically. Digital mobility management and application integrations can promote workspace collaboration and facilitate effective mobile working environments across different devices.

Improve Collaborative Efforts

With operations in mind, as we said, digital mobility can improve collaborative efforts within your infrastructure tenfold. With digital mobility efforts in place, employees can collaborate more easily on any given project, ensuring better results and efficiency.

With digital mobility management, your employees can update work on time and collaborate continuously. Additionally, these integrations allow data sharing across mobile devices, enabling employees to work together even when they are away from the office.

Increase connectivity with 561 Communications and improve the overall communication and efficiency of your business. 

Increase Cyber Security

With an increase in digital integrations, the need for 24/7 cyber security is becoming increasingly important. An active cyber security plan is the best way to reduce the possibility of sensitive information being released from your digital assets.

With an effective cyber security team or system in place, your business can do the following:

  • Protect your business systems from viruses, worms, spyware, and other unwanted programs.
  • Protect your private company data and information against data from theft.
  • Mitigate staff computer hacking.
  • Minimize digital crashes to mitigate downtime.
  • Provide privacy to your staff internet users.
  • Avoid any economic or customer losses.
  • Increase the trust and confidence your customers will have in your company.
  • Provide 24/7 reliability for your staff and clients.

For any business, regardless of size and industry, should understand cyber security threats and how to mitigate them. With the help of a telecommunications professional like 561 Communications, your business can work to mitigate cyber-attack downtime and protect your business digitally.

Increase Productivity

Digital mobility within your business can help to provide the perfect environment for your employees to work from wherever they are. Additionally, mobile integrations allow them to communicate and access critical business data at any time and make decisions regarding ongoing projects.

Mobile applications enable you to connect with your employees, regardless of time or location. As a result, digital mobility for your business has become a crucial aspect for employees to boost their overall productivity, improve collaborative efforts, all while enhancing visibility across the board.

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